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Welcome to kf_creations, my personal journal for my musings when I post them, which is a semi friends locked place. This was the home for all my icons up until June 09, which are all open posts, so you can mooch through them all should you want to, just have a look through the list of tags to find what you are looking for. All my new art is posted on my graphics resources journal dreams_of_fancy. I make most of the textures I use myself, and if not, use the things found on my credit list. If you see something in my work that is yours and not credited, let me know and I will add you to the list ^_^

I am an artist, as well as a graphics artist, and found a passion for graphics after watching BBC's North & South, and that as they say, was the beginning.....
I am a huge fan of most things period drama, BBC productions especially, so watch this space to see if anything you enjoy is amongst my likes. I also take requests, so leave me a reply and I will get back to you.

If you happen to use anything you find here, do please comment when you take, and credit back to me would be most appreciated. Please DO NOT repost any thing you find here to another site, unless you ask permission to do so. I have tried to upload my stuff to other places only to find as someone else has already posted some things of mine, with no proper credit back to me, I am unable to upload the same images. Please - just ask first!

CSS, profile code and all graphics by me kf_creations
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